I'm all over the internet =P Bet you can find the Firebird project on at least three more forums =P

I don't actually know. The goal was run as close to 11.50's as possible. It weighs 3,800lbs on the nose with a full tank of fuel and me in it and the quickest it has ran was 12.95 at 108mph and a 1.9 60ft(full 1/4, the event in July is 1/8 mile). It's a 462 big block Buick, aluminum heads, 10.3:1 compression, a relatively small roller cam and roller rockers, full EFI/coil pack treatment. Two things limited it in the past, one is it would start leaning out above 4,000rpm and was at a dangerous 15-15.5 :1 AFR by the end of the run, but fortunately didn't hurt anything. I was out of fuel pump capacity. Kept upping fuel commanded, and duty cycle would increase, but AFR's wouldn't drop. The second was I was running 3.42 gears in a nearly stock GM 8.5" rear, so I left the line with a light launch and I was crossing the finish line at 108mph, but only 4,800rpm. I shift about 6,000rpm.

So changes I've made since the 12.95 run. Second fuel pump staged in, had the heads professionally ported, from stock 1.55 rockers to 1.65 roller rockers, rear axle swapped to a 9" with a true trac carrier and 3.89 with aftermarket axles. I should no longer be running lean, I should be able to launch much harder, and I should be crossing the finish line at 5,500rpm or above. I intended to run it all out in Drag Week last year, but 600 miles into the trip getting there my pressure plate started siezing up and I failed to get the car to the event. I had over 20,000 miles on that pressure plate, including Drag Week 2012. Fluke? I have a new clutch set in it now and is working great. Oh, and I added electric cut outs to the exhaust to run open 3" exhaust instead of the dual 2.5" pipes that were on it.

The Skylark is the car I got when I was 16 and starting in 2008 had become my test bed for all my EFI and performance stuff. You can see in an earlier post, I tow small trailers occassionally with it too. I've put around 80k-85k miles on it since 2008. Basically my daily driver when it's not snowing or down for upgrades/repair. It's in the parking lot here at work right now. It gets 17-18mpg on the highway (with the 3.89 gear), which is about the same as my '07 Silverado with a 6.0l and 3 mpg less than the Firebird got with 1bbl cam.

Right after I went distributorless

Pictures to big to insert. Folks joke I have the engine installed with velcro and wing nuts because I have it out practically annually for upgrades and it only takes me about an hour to pull the engine/transmission.

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