Looks like a nice Buick.

Was wondering what size injectors are you using?

I know on those brass fuel fittings you have on the fuel rail they are highly restrictive. The ID gets real small in the 90 degree turns.

3800 LBS, time for a diet?
Does it have those 5 MPH bumpers w/gas filled shocks?
What trans are you using? 5 speed?

A guy on another forum I go on got a crew cab 6.2 Silverado.
he shows it gets 17-18 in the city & 23-24 MPH on the highway.

A co-worker just bought a 2014 Silverado double cab & told me he is getting 31 MPH on the highway w/a 5.3.

Those cylinders shutting down is really picking up the mileage.

What is the Eaton supercharger for, the 6?

12 port SDS EFI