I realized that it is a street car.
But trying to run 11.50's & weighing 3800 LBS is asking a lot out of that Buick.
It's not a BBC

Just suggesting something to help you run your numbers.

Having open dump 3" cutouts is going to change your A/F mixture by a lot. Not only that, most tracks have to be a certain DB level, if it is too loud, they will not let you run.

I thought B.O.P. like to run tall gears, they are torque monster engines.
Not sure if the lower gears will help, you might spin too much, can't fit a big tire in there.
Just thinking out loud. Don't mind me. \:D

After you had the heads ported, what did they flow?
What is the guys name that ported them?


12 port SDS EFI