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,out on the street, I can aggressively put the pedal to the floor without the tires starting to break loose on the pavement,
Basically in the first four gears on street tires if the pedal is on the floor the rear tires have no traction.

Is it just me, or are these comments just the opposite of each other.?
Being significantly lean is why it did not make the power before, that and being nearly 1,500rpm under it's powerband for half the track.

Like I stated before, these engines are torque monsters, they should not need short gearing IMO.
When you dynoed your car, what was the HP & torque?

I've done plenty of idle, cruising and WOT blasts with the cut outs open and closed. No video, but plenty of datalogging. Not hurting for data in that respect. Believe me I was expecting a change, but it did not happen. I think most people get an AFR change from reversion up the collector to the sensor, my cutouts are almost three feet past the sensor, so no reversion issues messing with the sensor reading. That and the EFI compensates for efficiency changes far better than a carb.

Yep the EFI makes up for it.

Fortunately the guy doesn't need the website to stay busy, he's got enough backlog of work from reputation.

I was merely saying, the website does not work on any link.
When you post a link to a website normally you would go to it , see what they offer, what they have done, customers cars etc, his website,,,, nothing.

12 port SDS EFI