We're pretty far out in the weeds.

Getting back on track. I've ordered an HHR fan/shroud assembly for $54 off Amazon with free shipping. I wish I had thought/known about it sooner as the fan I have on there is a 1200cfm unit that cost me $56, and the HHR one is a 3,000cfm unit and comes with a shroud for even better efficiency. I should be saying good bye to getting warm at a stop. Its never gotten hot driving, nor actually overheated on me, but it's made me wonder a few times if I sit in 30+ minutes of Las Vegas traffic this summer would it over heat or not.

I've cleaned the shop area out so when I get back from California with it next weekend I'll be ready to go for engine removal, overhauling the bottom end and doing the porting work. While sorting stuff I found the scrap sections of the pipe I used to make the exhaust collector pipe and I thought it was 2-1/4" pipe, but it is actually 2" OD pipe, so I'm now I'm seriously considering going through with plumbing my turbo system as a true twin scroll system. Still haven't evaluated what type or size turbo I'm going to get yet though.

Ready for work. I have the new gasket kit, rings, bearings and valve springs on the counter in the back and the metal table cleared for the head work.

(should of seen it yesterday morning, couldn't even see the floor from all the tools, parts and packaging scattered everywhere)

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Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo