I'm heading to California after work tomorrow and heading home Monday, and should round trip around 1,100 or so miles I figure. I did a few minor things and upgraded the radiator fan assembly. I backed off the cam advance a few more degree's so it should be right at 4 advanced. It seemed to be struggling to get to crest 5,000rpm so this should help. Also smeared some ultra black RTV on the top of the underside and top of oil dipstick cap where the stick comes through the cap in an effort to seal it better for the vacuum pump. I found it whistles from time to time.

It's supposed to be 108 F in Las Vegas on Monday when I am heading home, so on the radiator side, I got one of the $50 HHR fan assemblies with shroud and it matched up mint. I shaved about 1/4" from the front and it cleared everything nicely. The tabs that stick out the side touching the tanks keep the fan a good distance from the radiator. At least I hope I haven't goofed up and find my self with a holed radiator. So far it doesn't touch and I can feel the air being pulled at the grill. The engine is running in this picture.

From the top. I put a slit of rubber hose on the top and bottom. Going from ~1,250cfm to ~3,000cfm ought to help. The battery voltage was good at the warm up high idle while I had it running as a test, so on the fan menu of the MegaSquirt I turned on the "idle up" option to make sure in stop and go traffic it wouldn't be depleting the battery. The GEN light lights up to let me know if voltage drops below 12.2v.

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