Finally got the engine out today after work and I pulled the head off. The cam and followers are looking good.

The pistons were carboned up as I expected them to be given the blue smoke on start up and the substantial blow by.

Chambers also carboned up as expected. Valves appear as I'd expect.

In the ports, the intakes looked pretty much as I expected with some carbon on the back side of the intake valves, but the exhaust's color has me surprised. I've never seen the yellow/tan exhaust valves, but some engine people I trust say it's normal, so I'm good with it.

I am a little surprised at the clean spot on the valve stems,but otherwise pleased with how clean the port is.

All my exhaust port photo's are over exposed, but the yellow color is just odd to me. Nothing surprising about the ports to me.

Tomorrow I'll disassemble the head and start the measuring of the chambers and porting. I think the port work needs to be prioritized because I want to take the head to the machine shop next Friday, so I need it done before then. I'll start on the short block when I am done with the head.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo