Wow, that was an oil burner!
Freshened up engine should run much better.
Re-ring & bearings?
If reusing pistons, maybe get the pistons knurled to get rid of the slop? Old timers trick, actually helps oil retain oil on the piston skirts. Better lubrication?
What is the deck height? How far down the holes are the pistons?

That short turn radius looks terrible. (It's missing the radius/short turn. )
Wonder if possible to install lumps into that head?

All these different colors on the valves are thanks to fuel additives.

Are you going to make it a true 12 port head also?
You are doing the porting or that one guy that knows Pontiac 6 OHC heads?

This head is not for the turbo?
If not, going to shave it to try & bump up the compression?
Mill it .060"?

Two pistons have been changed?

12 port SDS EFI