Pulled the bottom end out of the block today. The bearings and crank journals looked good as expected for the low run time and the bores actually look better now than when I first assembled it. Some run time did their appearances good. Cleaned up the gasket surfaces and going to grind the rivets that hold the internal baffling in place out so I can make some extra baffling and then I'll bolt the OE baffles back into place. I pulled the deck's dowel pins out and will take the block with me to the machine shop and if they can also deck it the same day as the head work I'll ask them to scrape .035" off the top. I measured two pistons today as 0.037"-.038" in the hole, so .035" will give me a little buffer for errors in my measuring or difference in the other four pistons. The head gasket is thick if nothing else =P If I get both the head and block milled I might actually see 9.0:1 compression.

Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo