I grinded and chiseled out the rivets holding the internal oil baffles in place, so now the block is about as bare as it gets.

I once again proved to myself I cannot drill and tap straight (much like when I cut things...), and because I find nothing sacred, I drilled some holes in the exhaust manifold for future EGT probes where the A.I.R. injection ports would go that will be functional enough. For reference, only the '67 exhaust manifolds actually got the A.I.R. set up. I ground down the choke's heat well casting as well so when I get EGT probes in there I won't have any interference turning a hex nut.

Cleaned up and smoothed out the number 1 and 6 ports as well.

Number 1 looked okay, just a little on the bottom right and smoothed out a bit of casting flash further in.

Number 6 on the other hand had all sorts of over casting! So I ground it out and smoothed it up.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo