Hmm, I may have some gasket matching to do..... I finally digitized and scaled the port imprints I made and the ports are smaller than the valve area.... By a lot. I guess that'd be a problem with an over sized valved engine? Before I opened up the area behind the valves it was right about the same cross sectional area as the port, though I didn't know the port area then.

Also, despite the odd shape of the #1 and #6 exhaust ports their area is comparable to the other exhaust ports (at least after I opened up #6 yesterday) The average area of the intake ports were 2.34 sq inches and the average of exhaust ports 2-5 was 1.82 sq inches and 1&6 1.85 sq. inches.

The valve diameters minus the stem area are:
Intake: 2.803 sq inches (2.45 sq inches at the throat), 1.92" Valve, 11/32 stem.
Exhaust: 1.918 sq inches (didn't measure at the throat) 1.60" Valve, 11/32 stem.

Picture of the ports

So I guess I can stick the gasket on the head and gut out the head and taper into the port? Then reverse into the intake, though I cannot reach very far into the intake, especially where the runner curves. Live and learn I suppose, I didn't expect this problem. Though I'm sure the cross sectional area is still pinched down some a bit before the backside of the valve, where the valve guide sticks into the port.

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