Not at the rate of work I did today =P The only thing I did today was make the baffles and touch up the paint on the block =P I'm hoping the baffles help as I've done no research on effective baffling. The 1/4-20 screws are loc-tite'd in.

This is the stock oil fill tube baffle. It's easy to see the light where the oil fill tube goes. This is also the side of the block the crankshaft slings oil upwards.

So I riveted some sheet metal to it to try and trap the slinged oil and let it run down the sides. I was holding it upside down in the picture, so I rotated the picture. I had to notch it afterwards because of interference with the oil dipstick, so it got a bit rough on that side.

In place and no more light seen. Then from the top, when adding oil, it should hit the baffle at the top and run down the sides.

The stock baffling on the PCV port. The light is the hole for the PCV tube.

This one I really wasn't certain what to do for it, so I just made some air flow interrupters that I hope cause the oil to drop out. Most the air should change directions at least twice before making it to the port.

The baffles push up against the block, mostly sealing against it, so again most the air will change directions twice before getting to the port, hopefully dropping oil along the way. The shiny brass fitting there is a port I added to measure the crankcase vacuum/pressure. I'll have it hooked to a vacuum/boost gauge and maybe someday to the megasquirt as something to datalog.

I'll shoot for next Friday. I need to clean and install the pistons/bottom end. Do the last bit of port work on the head then clean and assemble it. Clean up the intake and exhaust manifolds. Lengthen the wiring harness ~8 inches or so. I'm going to try and accomplish one of those each day after work. So hopefully I'm ready for install on Friday, Saturday at the latest. I still have to replace the rear fuel filter as well.

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