Summer softball league has started and tied me up a few times now. I finished porting out the head as far as I'm going to take it as well as the exhaust and intake manifold. I cleaned the carbon off the pistons as well.

Tonight I plan to clean up the intake, exhaust and head to paint first thing tomorrow morning as well as install the new piston rings on the pistons and fully assemble the head. The paint can dry while I start assembly of the bottom end. Hopefully I will have the engine together by the end of tomorrow and go to set it in the car on Saturday. I still need to lengthen the wiring harness so perhaps I'll do that tomorrow night.

I'm contemplating running all new fuel lines in the car from the back of the car to the engine bay. Move the fuel lines to the driver's side and move the high pressure fuel pump more rear wards, with the fuel pressure regulator and such all at the rear of the car and run a single fuel line to the front. I don't currently have a pass through fuel rail and it seems to be working fine.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo