I have a big block Buick for quicker. Though if my turbo engine plans pan out the six will eventually surpass the Buick. For now I'll just take what I can get and the 4.56 gears for a bit more "fun".

Got the engine all together now. I need to put oil in and prime the system up still as well as install the fuel rail and throttle body. I found a couple of the upper injector o-rings cut or shaved, so I need to do some work on the fuel rail and further round out the entrance to the injector. The #4 injector that gave me the most problems was the worse. Eventually I got it so none of them leaked while running and driving, heck even held 20psi after the engine was shut off, but intermittently I'd have issues. I only had two new o-rings so I need to get a box of them tomorrow from NAPA.

I set the timing belt in place and if my math holds between the thicker head gasket and then shaving the head and block deck the cam is 0.045" closer to the crank and would retard the cam timing by approximately 2*, which is what I saw when I tightened everything down. I reset it from 2* retarded to 4* advanced.

I brought the wiring harness in the house. I'm going to set my card table up tonight with the soldering iron and lengthen the harness by about 8" while watching a movie so the plugs clear the back of the head.

I did more work after I took the pictures, the balancer and trigger wheel are on it now, as the cam timing isn't set in these pictures because I don't have the TDC mark that is on the balancer.

You can see the brass fitting I added below the red PVC tube that I'm going to hook a vacuum/boost gauge too to read the crankcase pressure. I may eventually hook a MAP sensor to it and datalog it with the MegaSquirt.

I touched up the paint on the belt cover as well.

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Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo