Got the engine in, bolted up the transmission, torque converter, etc. Finished all work under the car, which was my main goal today. Tomorrow I plan to install the alternator and radiator and probably hook up the fuel line and throttlebody. I forgot I need to replace the rear fuel filter at minimum and see if that was the fuel starvation issue. Then it will probably be Wednesday before I change the fuel filter, but then should be good to fire it up.

All set in. I wrapped the wiring harness in friction tape and it compacts down much nicer and fits between the fuel rail and cam housing now.

I spent a couple hours last night adding about ten inches or so to the wiring harness. About 30 wires, two solder joints and shrink wrapping each, it took a while. But now the connectors are very easy to access and currently are behind the transmission dipstick. They are just sitting there but I might try and get them clamped to the firewall some how. Before one plugged in right behind the head and it was a pain to reach. I was quite happy with how easily the harness plugged in . There are three plugs and four ground terminals.

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