It certainly isn't any harder. Being tucked up against the firewall has it's own challenges associated with it when trying to get the transmission bolted up.

A late 80's Ford fuel pump. It's currently mounted to the floor pan under the passenger's feet and it's easy to hear in the car, so I want to relocate it and the surge tank to the rear but I have not yet done it. I did purchase the steel tubing to make new fuel lines though. I want to get it up and running then plumb the new lines into place while still being able to drive it, then spend a day/afternoon moving the pump, regulator and surge tank to the back of the car. Minimize down time.

The injectors are 32 lb/hr. They are hand-me-down's from my Skylark when I upgraded it to 44 lb/hr when I got to the fringe of the 32's abilities. For the six, they should do quite well naturally aspirated and get me a few pounds of boost with a turbo. It might get me to 10-12 psi, but I'll really be watching the AFR (and EGT's?) if I haven't upgraded at that point.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo