Fired the car up! And it was mostly good. Fired right up and idles well. I was getting noise out of the cam housing around cylinders 1 and 2, but it quieted up after a while so I think it just had air or something in the lash adjuster that needed to work itself out. I may need to adjust the oil pressure regulator. I'll be listening for it's return or any changes.

The other issue is it won't rev above 1,200rpm. The tach signal keeps dropping out. I re-adjusted the crank sensor and tightened up the clearances to the crank trigger, but it didn't change anything. I did a data log and all the inputs are reading clean, including the tach signal until it drops out. Tomorrow I'll adjust the tach signal filter pots on the MegaSquirt board and see if that clears it up. The crank and cam trigger signal log while cranking and idling are mint and clean, so its very likely to be the signal filter. Maybe that ~10" of wire I added was just enough to hiccup the signal?

But otherwise, I did get to hear it run and it fires up easy =D

Just going to get the tach signal sorted out, put the hood on and this weekend start on re-plumbing the fuel system.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo