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Overhauled the fuel system. This should put an end to the fuel starvation issue for sure. I pulled the tank, and it is clean inside. I'm sure it's been replaced at some point in the car's past and the sending unit is certainly an aftermarket unit. The sock was black but relatively clean, but I removed it entirely anyways like I did on my Skylark. I moved the lift pump to the same level as the bottom of the gas tank (from the middle) and if that doesn't solve the issue, then it's the pump itself.

Made some pretty big changes by moving the pressure pump and surge tank to the rear of the car as well as all new fuel line on the driver's side (opposite side of the exhaust system and side the fuel rail is on). Despite not having a return line from the fuel rail it fires up quickly and so far runs pretty good. For reference, I've never had a return line from the fuel rail on this car. On to the pictures.

Here is the panel I made with all the fueling stuff on it. The lift pump on the bottom to the first filter, into the surge tank, then from the surge tank to the high pressure pump, through an EFI fuel filter, to the fuel pressure regulator then out to the front of the car or returned to the surge tank.

Mounted in the car. I utilized the lip on the gas tank as a support then two bolts through the trunk floor to secure it in place.

It's angled in place.

From the rear of the car. This union is my weeper. Just the top half, and it's the pipe that connects to the fuel pressure regulator. So I'll re-do the top half tomorrow.

Just following the brake line.

Along the outside of the subframe. Like OE, but on the driver's side.

Up into the engine bay. Ahead of the flywheel plane and a short piece of nylon fuel line to account for vibration.

My electric smog pump/crank case evacuation pump started blowing fuses, aka failing, so I swapped it out yesterday. I ammetered it and the old one was pulling 18amps when it was working (blowing a 25amp fuse) and the newly installed one is pulling 10 amps. I'm going to CA this weekend and going to hit a junkyard and see about pulling a mid-90's Ford Taurus electric smog pump as I've heard reports they have longer durability. Though the pump I removed had quite a bit of oil in it, so hopefully with the baffling I did there is less oil pulled into this one and longer service life.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo