I thought I would follow up on this old thread. Got the motor finally done, installed, and running in 2015. This was just after I got the motor broken in


Last year we ran the car at the 2015 trifive nationals with my old intake set up, a weiand 2x1 with a pair of pinto 5200 holly webers. Ran good but you could tell the motor had more in it but was running out of gear and carbs.

This year, put my old 4:11 rear in and installed a new Clifford 2x2 intake with a pair of 38dgev weber carbs. Ran the car at the 2016 trifive nationals. What a difference. The only problem -- I ran the carbs out of gas on every run. Here is my second run where I took it very easy off the line, shifted at 4400 rpm instead of the usual 5300-5500, and still ran the carbs out of gas when I went into third gear. So electric fuel pump and larger lines. It was a lot more work then I expected to put 302 rods in a 261 but the motor does run really well.