maybe i sat back and waited too long.

well to make a long story short, i ran my 'hot rodded' rambler 195.6 ohv too hard, burned up conn bearings (avoided rods exiting block, which is *usually* what happens in this motor), pulled it, and this time, paid for real work.

a lot has changed since i posted last -- i think: current incarnation is here:

to run a 2000 mile rally last august (24 Hpurs of LeMons 'Hell on Wheels '16') i stuck a T14 behind it, ditching the T96 that failed me, again, and drove the snot out of the car. ran great. cooling system was more than fine... what killed the bearings i thibk was bad clearancing when it was built, and in the end, crappy machine shop work. i'll post about my new all electronic cooling system separately.

late in the rally it developed a mild knock, after a change in oil pressure vs. rpm profile. when i got home, i stuck an oil temp sensor in the main gallery, and in highway driving in 80F weather the oil temp climbed to 240... wonder what it did in the death valley rally in august?

when i started knocking i pulled it immediately and found bad conn rod bearings, melted pockets. sent it off to engine builder Pete Fleming up in in the valley. got it back a week ago and assembling the car now.

the T14 is now a T5 with close ratios (2.95... .73) from Modern Drivelines, with the adapter i had a hand in having made, and a narrowed mustang 3.42:1 axle, in the 2250 lb roadster. should be driving in May.

i think at this point its basically a hot rod.