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Here's some of the basic upgrades I've made.

Here you can see the original HEI cap and four blade fixed fan. I've already replaced the fuel pump and put an inline filter in the fuel hose going from the fuel line on the frame to the pump (the fuel line from pump to carb is all metal and would need to be cut to add the inline filter).

I added a high quality cap and rotor from BWD, and also got a new coil cap and wire loom to go with it. You can see the new cap, wires, and vacuum advance on the engine in the pic in the previous post.

Here's a pic of the the three blade clutch fan off the later truck 250 and 292. You can see it in the pic in the previous post too.

Not visible is the K&N air filter I added too. Currently the cooling system is apart and being wired for the electric fans to replace the clutch fan.

I really need to upgrade to and Hei like you did. Everyone seems to do that./ I have new points, and complete tune up. Actually runs very smooth, for except a very slight rough idle in gear, and that fluttering once in a while, when under throttle demand.

Yours looks nice. I need to get some photos of mine. I do have the 4 blade fan. I didn't know if going to the three blade or electric would do much. I see a lot are doing it though.

my stock air cleaner was missing the lid. So I put a open air filter on. One of those Mr. gasket chrome ones from summit. I dunno if that hurt anything doing that. As in....changing the way the carb acts?
Although when I got the car, it was worse. I got it top run better. Just started to do the fluttering recently while under acceleration.