Will this work or am I missing something? I am new to this engine so I could use some help.

I am modernizing my 235 in my '55 Bel Air. The end goal is to make it look like GM made it today.

I have installed a T5 and now it's time to work on the engine.

I picked up a Clifford intake and a set of Williams cast exhaust manifolds.

Can I divide the intake ports and put 6 fuel injectors on the intake?

Does anyone make dividers or do I need to make them myself if it's possible?

My plan is to use the Holley EFI elbow with a GM throttle body and throttle by wire using a Holley Dominator ECU.

I have already ditched the distributor for indavidual coils and a crank trigger also by Holley.

I also plan to add a little boost with a turbo and I am working on a serpentine pulley system. Nothing crazy as I know the rods won't hold up and are like a mile long.

My day job is at an aerospace machine shop so the machine work and welding does not worry me.

Thanks everyone for the help