I ended my 2017 racing season last Friday night in the Last Logghe altered. After my successful outing a couple weeks ago in Nostalgia Comp I decided to enter the monthly Heads Up! night race. It was my first time racing at one of these hugely popular Heads Up! series. I entered in the Open Comp class - no electronics, .500 Pro tree, qualify off your reaction time, dial-in assigned for the evening as 1/10 faster than your quickest of two qualifying passes. 71 cars trying for a spot in the 56 car qualified field. On my second pass I had a .007 light, ran a 10.51 (lifting) and that put me in the show at number 12 qualifier with a 10.41 dial-in assigned. Ran dead on 10.41 first round, won a couple of rounds, lost in the third, won back my $50 entry fee. What fun.

I know I took some flak from some by deciding to update it to current safety specs and other mods instead of making it a restored, as-purchased original. But in the course of racing it these last few years many folks have thanked me for putting it back on the track and letting them remember what these cars were like. It pleases and surprises me to see how many people remember the names of Ron and Gene Logghe, Chuck Kurzawa, Al Bergler - all craftsmen associated with its construction. Purists love the original inline six.

Post race leak-down and compression checks showed everything good and ready to go next season so it gets winterized and put back in storage 'til spring.