I have looked far and near for the answer...

I presume that the GM 230ci and 250ci blocks are the same. I have a 1977 Camaro with a 250 which has 200K miles on it. Still runs. I have a 1968 230 engine with unknown mileage but the bores measure close to the same. Boring is in the future of either block.

I have a crank, rods, pistons, cam, bearings, et. al. for a 250 to rebuild a shortblock. I already have the head, manifolds, carbs, etc. ready to top it off with.

My question is, all other things being equal, is there advantage e.g better metallurgy, casting, design, etc. of using one block (1968 vs 1977) over the other?

1) If there is no difference, I will leave the 250 in the Camaro and build the 230 into a 250.

2) If the 250 is a better block, I will pull it, build it and replace it.

3) If the differences are negligible, refer to number 1.

Thanks in Advance,