I did not mean any harm on posting my downpipe if that's what you mean by picking on your engine.

Your 3 " downpipe will work just fine, if you later think the downpipe is holding back power,you can always whip one up in a couple hrs,you guys do great work!!!!!!!!!

I would love to get my damm engine running,I just do not have any time.
Wife works a different shift than mine,kids are too young to be left alone while I work in the garage..

So, most of my life is watching the kids , working ,typing on the comp,living my life vicariously through your guys rides,then going to sleep.
Yes ,my life sucks as far as getting anything going/done on my car & motorcycle projects.

Plus my wifes has depression & that makes it hard on all of the family.

So, Mighty6 ,,,,,,,,,,not meaning any harm.
12 port SDS EFI