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You have the correct "S" trim,or did Tlowe give you advise also?

It will be nice to be able to cruise it around on the street w/the lower stall converter.
And contrary to popular belief ,,,you could run that 3800 stall converter on the street & not over heat it.

Yes the 7 studs per cyl is a first for that head,don't think you will lift the head,especially now your turboed.

Got any video of the dyno pulls?

Bet you can't wait to try it @ the track!

Good work BTW.


No,the s-trim must be an inside joke of some sort. After a few quick minutes of research it is a F1 trim.

We will not drive it on the street. To many stupid poeple on the the road texting and stuff.

There is a video to youtube a few post up.

Yea, were ready to make some test passes.