Last night I finished up the MS3 assembly. Three nights while watching movies or tv.

Here it is with it's clothes missing.

I've finished up two of the intake ports on the injector bungs. I got greedy and tried to do the second set of ports and the JB weld wasn't cured and half way through grinding on one of the bungs it broke loose. So I have to redo the rear two ports and I left the front two alone as I just installed them today. The left one I ground down and the right is unfinished.

With the injectors installed.

And then I made things pretty. Still haven't installed any gaskets so it'll all have to come apart for final assembly.

I still need to paint the water pump pulley and the trigger wheel needs some drilling to mount it to the harmonic balancer.

Cleaned up the coils and painted the coil brackets.

Guess I've settled on the paint scheme, lol.

Painted the exhaust manifold as well.

A reminder of what the dual exhaust looks like. Two 2" outlets.

So the final question is, what color do I paint the intake manifold? Pontiac Blue? Red? Aluminum/Silver?
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo