If all goes well I hope to have it running in April. I was shooting for March, but that is becoming quite optimistic given the work the car needs.

I want(ed) to build an engine test stand, but may be foregoing that on time constraints.

Basically what is left in rough order:
Permanently mount the trigger wheel
Finalize the cam sensor
Run the fuel lines on the engine
Finalize Q-jet/Throttle body
Wire up the engine.
Paint the water pump pulley and alternator bracket.
Final assembly on the engine (with gaskets this time)
Pressure check my oil mod (assuming no issues at this point)

Plumb return fuel line and surge canister on car.
Set up two fuel pumps, priming and high pressure.
Clean up engine bay wiring.
Install engine.
Figure out what trans to use and install.
Install exhaust.
Bleed brakes.
Start engine.
Clean up interior of car.

Okay its starting to look like May =P
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo