Unfortunately I can't. I would ideally like it behind the pulleys, but the timing belt cover wouldn't fit over it and it'd require serious cutting of the wheel then welding to the back of the pulleys on the harmonic balancer. And be mindful that this has a pressed on balancer and in the pictures the balancer is just barely hanging on to the crank snout because I didn't want to press it on then pull it off for the picture, so that balancer actually gets quite a bit closer to the timing belt cover.

This thing is definitely going to be a saw blade on the front of the engine. I'll make sure to put a "Warning: Don't stick your hand under the fan!" sticker on the core support, lol. Last year I saw a guy that converted an AMC 258 to EFI and had his trigger wheel hanging off the front end just like this (same wheel make even). I know one other car that is set up the same way, the guy calls it the saw, lol.

Here is my Skylark's which to me is ideal.

Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo