It's a Chevy 8.2" instead of a BOP 8.2". A previous owner changed it out at the some point in the car's history. Interestingly enough, my first '69 Firebird I bought back in 2000 had the same exact swap done on it, a Chevy 8.2" with 2.73 gears. The axles are the same as the 27 spline 8.5", which I have an 8.5" axle from my '77 Skylark that is direct swap, but has one bad axle in it.

200-4r I rebuilt, so it's quality is suspect as I've never rebuilt one before, lol. It was behind my old Buick 231 V6 for several years and in good working order when I pulled it for the 455/TKO-600 swap. It was super clean inside and I probably could of gotten away with simply doing the shift kit valve body modifications. I pretty much went full out on the shift kit and got a rebuilt 2,000-2,500 rpm locking stall converter for $120'ish on E-bay. Lock-up will be controlled via the MegaSquirt.

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