Called the machine shop in Elko and he said that it would be no problem getting same day turn around time on getting the head shaved on June 20th. I'll cc the chambers before and after I port them (namely after) and calculate the compression numbers with the different head gaskets and such to see how much I want taken off.

So the plan is:
June 5: Drive 475 miles to California.
June 6-8: drive around 150 miles
June 9: Drive 475+ miles home, stopping in Las Vegas to pick up the intake/exhaust flanges for this engine from the water jetting company.
June 14: Pull engine, start tear down.
June 15: Re-assemble engine from head deck down.
June 16-19: Port, port and port the head. Lengthen and clean up the engine wiring harness. Probably go to the friction tape like Squirrel.
June 20: Shave head to regain compression.
June 21: Re-install head and set engine in car.
June 22: Finish hooking everything up and hopefully start it up to take to work on Monday.

Be ready to go on the Car Craft Anti-Tour July 25th and down the 1/8 mile track.

June is going to be busy after all!

Piston rings and bearings showed up today. Interestingly enough Northern Autoparts sent me 8 rod bearings. The included invoice says 8, but my Amazon order definitely shows 6. Oops. Tracking says my engine gasket kit and valve springs are due here tomorrow.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo