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The cutouts don't change the AFR's that significantly. I've checked plenty of times.

I was not commenting on the A/F ratios @ idle w/the cutouts.
I was meaning the A/F ratios changing @ W.O.T.
Got any videos of the A/F ratios changing @ Wide open throttle w/the cutout open & then closed?

In any case, there is pretty much no time out on the street I can aggressively put the pedal to the floor without the tires starting to break loose on the pavement, so plenty of fun for street driving. And as I said, it gets 17+ mpg.

I think you could get 17+ MPG w/a properly tuned Quadrajet? No? It just takes longer to get there. \:D

Are you saying your 462 Buick does not break the tires loose on the street w/3.89 gears? What tires are you using?
Don't take this as I am knocking down your car, just wondering why it does not run faster than it does.

Back to the Firebird. I properly re-timed the cam, it looks like with the thicker than stock head gasket on it the cam was timing was 1 advanced. So I dialed back what I set it too on Monday and set it to what should be 4 advanced. More realistic setting.

The valve springs and engine gasket kit arrived today, so I have everything I need to rebuild the engine now.

On the Buick guys website http://www.trishieldperformance.com/q-jet-rebuilding.html
Needs an extreme revamp, none of the links works.
"2014 marks our 15th year of helping Buick Enthusiasts make their dreams come true."
Seems like no dreams have come true?
Good luck on the rebuild.

12 port SDS EFI