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A common misconception is if you put a carb on a smaller engine it needs re-jetting. Not necessarily.

If you let your kid drink out of your pop bottle with a straw do you get him a smaller diameter straw?

The carb will produce a certain A/F ratio at a given airflow. The vacuum source could be a bigger engine or a smaller one, but as long as there is enough vacuum created by the engine so as not to lose adequate signal in the carb re-jetting the main jet system is not necessary.

Ahhhh that made sense! I think I read somewhere that someone had to reject. So that probably stuck in my brain.

I keep debating on the whole Clifford package, or going the other route and getting an offy intake, 390, and Langdon splits.

The Clifford package only has a 2 barrel. So it's iffy.

I did watch a guy on YouTube putting a Holley on a chevy 250 like mine, and it appeared the setting up of the linkage was a bit dreadful,
But I guess that's part of the journey.

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